November 28
- College has been so much fun. Chris and Luke are going to be in Hoobastank's up coming video "Crawling in the Dark" which will be featured on MTV in the next couple weeks. Don't forget to pick up their debut album to be released on the 20th of November. We have been keeping very busy with school. We both adjusted very well and love the schools we're at. I (chris) end up going over to USC on the weekends to hang out over there with Luke and his friends. We have been going to a lot of concerts from Reel Big Fish, to Tool to Unwritten Law. We will be making appearances at upcoming shows of New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Incubus, and possibly Dispatch. So if you are in the LA area come find us at the shows! Thanksgiving is coming up pretty soon and we are both going back to New Jersey to see our family and friends at home.

We are really sorry for the lack of updating but with school and everything else going on we have been terribly busy! We will try really hard to have a new launch of the website soon with all new pictures, and fun things to do on the site! If anyone is interested in helping with our site, please feel free to email us and maybe you can help! The new sections on the website will include a Diary of College, Tons of Picture Albums online of our college experience, information about things we are doing, Chat room, Contests, and a lot more. If you have any ideas email us Chris@Chrisandluke.com.

So keep your eye out for us all over the media and all over Los Angeles!

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Our story:

This has been an exciting year for us. We have traveled the country, been interviewed by the media from all around the world and met with many potential sponsors. Thousands of emails came in from students around the world wishing us luck. We tried to answer each and every one of them.

While we received many sponsor offers, we felt our number one and best choice was First USA. We were so impressed with the entire company. It was important to us to work with a company who wanted us to be "Spokesguys" for a topic that was important to college students. We want to make a little difference in the lives of college students and do something innovative and positive! We are very excited about working with First USA and together we hope to help college students across America learn about the importance of financial responsibility and money management.

College is often the first time that students have their own credit cards and checking accounts.

According tot he First USA Financial Index, 1.7 million high school graduates want to use money responsibly. As "Spokesguys" we will help fellow students and all our friends start off on the right financial foot. Whether you have $100 or $1,000, budgeting is important especially if you are trying to save for Spring Break in Cancun or to buy that new surfboard. We sat down with some of our new friends at FUSA and developed some cool guidelines for students.

We want to thank everyone who was so supportive of our search to be the First Corporate Sponsored College Students in the country. It proves that students can be innovative, stick to a goal and achieve success! It takes hard work and commitment, but we are ready for the challenge!

Chris will be attending Pepperdine University and Luke will be attending University of Southern California. We are moving 3,000 miles away from home but are looking forward to the new challenges and fun ahead for us freshman year as the First Corporate Sponsored College Students. We will be updating the site often so you can follow the adventures of Chris and Luke.

Where did you hear about ChrisAndLuke.com? What do you think about what we are doing? Send us a quick email to tell us! Chris@ChrisAndLuke.com

Where Chris And Luke have been featured: The Today Show, CBS Early Show, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, CNN, CNN FN, People Magazine, LA Times, NY Times, New York Post (Up and Comers in 2001), Yahoo Internet Life Magazine (Best of 2000), Website of the week on Yahoo, CoolSiteOfTheDay.com, New Jersey Monthly, Entrepreneur Magazine, Money Magazine, USA Today, London Times, The Register, The Metro, Trackers, Canal Plus, NBC 4, ABC Affiliates, Teen Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Fox News, FoxNews.com, Studio Y, Wall Street Journal's Classroom Edition, Spin Magazine, BBC Asia/Europe, National Public Radio, ZDNET, Jay Thomas Morning Show, Bloomberg Radio, Associated Press, 1010 WINS, MSN, over 400+ Radio Interviews, and many many more.

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Luke and I updated this site, this page was getting way to long with all of the news on it, so I moved all of the news to the news page you can read up on what we have been doing by clicking on NEWS.

Chris and Luke's Senior Trip! was in April. Check out what they did and all of the funny pictures of the trip! It's like being at Disney World right here on ChrisAndLuke.com!