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Vincent James -

VINCENT JAMES always knew that sooner or later, it would somehow come down to Love Songs. A singer-songwriter whose passion knows no bounds, he grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, hooked on a multitude of Love Song artists like Michael Bolton, Phil Collins and Lionel Richie. I t was inevitable that James would end up exactly where he is today, as the romantically inspired founder and pilot behind the popular website, LOVESONGS.COM

James began his serious recording career with the 1998 release of the 4 song EP entitled "Miracle of Love". With this release James began performing all over the Philadelphia area as a solo performer bringing his romantically inspired music to anyone who would listen. Just a year later James managed to earn a great deal of recognition with his first full-length album, "Love Makes the World". This release in late 1999 was an extremely personal effort, which spawned the regional novelty, hit "Y2K." Sometime during the making of "Love Makes the World", James had a very clear revelation: he was destined to be a songwriter and performer of Love Songs. While promoting both the EP and CD James performed over 150 shows in the Philadelphia tri-state area, with national and local TV appearances on The Jenny Jones Show,, QVC, FOX News, FOX's "Good Day Philadelphia," and several area radio shows.
With renewed energy and focus in the year 2000, James embarked on a whirlwind Valentine's tour. On Saturday, Feb. 12, 2000, he set a record by performing in eight different Barnes & Noble stores in a single day. The feat generated phenomenal attention, from the media and local fans of love songs. A short time later the ultimate seed in James' Love Song career was planted as VINCENT JAMES launched LOVESONGS.COM, "The Ultimate Love Songs Site". Launched on May 1st, 2000 James watched his new project rack up over 10,000 visitors in only its first month. Ultimately, James believes that LOVESONGS.COM may very well become the biggest music lovers' site on the Web.

For his sophomore release, James teamed up with pop producer Anthony Newett to craft 9 songs of romantic inspiration and vision. The CD "One More Night" was released in October 2002 to great reviews and has been gaining James new fans at every turn. Beginning in January 2003, James will embark on an incredible journey as he attempts to set a world record by performing over 100 shows in just 45 days. The tour entitled "6 Weeks To Valentines" will see James performing at malls, schools, colleges, coffeehouses, clubs and many other types of venues at the rate of almost 3 per day from New Years Day till Valentines 2003. With the publicity generated from the tour, and the ever increasing popularity of LOVESONGS.COM, James truly believes that anything is possible with his musical career. And when VINCENT JAMES believes, nothing gets in the way of his passion.

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You can visit his websites at,

and you can listen to his music at

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