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Ultra Violet Air Purification

UVAP "In-Duct" Air Purification

On November 29 2003 the Lancet medical journal published a ground breaking study entitled: Effect of ultraviolet germicidal lights installed in office ventilation systems on worker's health and wellbeing.

The study concluded that the technique of using ultraviolet germicidal lights reduced the overall worker sickness by about 20%, including a 40% drop in breathing problems.

Now this technology is available for your home or business. Why would you even consider an "in-room" air purification unit when you can cover your whole location with the proven "UVAP in-duct system".

Disinfects the air and removes pollutants

"The vast majority of airborne pathogens are uniquely adapted for spreading in indoor environments. The conditions of temperature, humidity and protection from sunlight and from oxidants ... protect pathogens during their exposed and vulnerable period when they transmit from one person to the next." (From Aerobiological Engineering )

UVAP's In-Duct System is positioned in an area where these pathogens can grow and multiply unchecked. This location is the cool, dark and damp area near your air conditioner's cooling coils and drain pans.

UVAP'S In-Duct System bathes this area with ultra violet germicidal light. The light kills germs, bacteria, viruses, mildew, and mold spores like stachybotrys and black mold.

The light also creates a natural byproduct called hydroxyl. Hydroxyl is formed when UV-C light removes hydrogen atoms from water molecules. The result is the creation of a very short lived hydroxyl molecule. These molecules attach to any organic particles (dust, pollen) in the ducting and decompose them into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Because the hydroxyl molecule can only last for approximately a second, they never really leave your ducting system. Since the air in your ducting cycles approximately 250 to 400 times daily, most of your indoor pollutants are removed as they pass through the in-duct system. This is the same process the sun uses to scrub pollutants from the air outside your home.

What an expert says

Mr. Peter B. Cremer, CEO Laboratory Certification Services, inc.

"We have found that the system provides a quick method of reducing the organisms that invade a building after a disaster such as a flood, major water leak or fire. Mold and mildew are dramatically reduced, providing us with cleaner air during the time it takes to dry out and refurbish a damaged structure."

"Our current project is a large hospital in Arizona that suffered significant water damage. Not only are we using your systems during the remediation phase, but The hospital is having us permanently install them to treat the entire air handling system, for patient health reasons."

"This system is an inexpensive solution that is specifically designed for use in ducts and air handling systems. Unlike the other systems that we have used as a temporary fix for indoor air quality problems, this system is deployed as a permanent part of the air filtration system."

"With our experience in dealing with sick buildings and successfully utilizing ultraviolet in extremely challenging situations, it seems that the obvious solution is to deploy the system in buildings before they have a disaster or become 'sick' buildings. It seems ludicrous waiting until a serious problem arises, or to suffer from the common things that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, when it is possible to economically prevent them."

"Unlike ozone and all the other gimmicks that have flowed through the market in the #past few years, here is a product that actually works."

Indoor air quality

There is a significant problem with the air quality inside our homes and offices. This is apparent when reading these quotes from leading sources.

50% of all illnesses are either caused by, or aggravated by, polluted indoor air.
(American College of Allergists)

Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced years after exposure.
(Environmental Protection Agency)

Levels of air pollution inside the home can be two to five times higher, and occasionally 100 times higher, than outdoor levels.
(Environmental Protection Agency)

Biological pollutants promote poor indoor air quality and may be a major cause of days lost from work or school and of doctor and hospital visits.
(U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission)

The Environmental Protection Agency ranks poor indoor air quality among the top five environmental risks to public health. Interestingly, five out of 10 Americans are not aware of this fact.
(American Lung Association)

UVAP and Air Purification

UVAP creates customized UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) solutions for air purification in your business or home. The company prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of air purification to ensure accurate and effective solutions are applied to all indoor environments. UVAP's solutions have been implemented in hospitals, convention centers, pharmaceutical companies, and homes and businesses across America.

About UVGI applications

The UVGI industry is changing rapidly as lamp and filter manufacturers create new products to address the quality and safety of our indoor air. Application of those products requires that businesses like UVAP stay on top of the most current research so that proper solutions are always applied.

UVAP's applications are covered by a patent on the most effective placement of UV lighting in in-duct systems. The 1997 patent covers all "perpendicular to airstream" applications of UV lighting. Working with UVAP ensures that your company or home is protected by this patented UV technology and any litigation that may arise from its unlicensed use.

Ultra Violet Air Purification Corp.


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