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Chris Barrett and Luke McCabe (of fame) conceived Teens 4 A Cure as a way to reach out and support young people in crisis. Their immediate mission is to raise $17 million dollars to directly benefit the National Children's Leukemia Foundation (NCLF) to establish the first of many recovery centers for young people and their families after bone marrow transplants. Chris and Luke had the unique opportunity to connect with notable members of the entertainment community to enhance their fund raising efforts on behalf of NCLF.

Teens 4 a Cure is a group of young people, students and celebrities, whose objective is to raise funds to build Recovery Centers for children following lengthy hospitalized cancer treatments. The Recovery Centers will be places of joy and happiness. Places for these children to receive love and support on their road to recovery. Places to share new dreams and put their illness behind them. Places to plan their future - Cancer Free!

National Children's Leukemia Foundation "NCLF" is one of the leading non-profit organizations in the fight against leukemia and cancer for children and adults. The NCLF is established to support the unfortunate in various programs. NCLF's main objective is to provide the cure for children and adults, and to ease the family's burden during their hospital stay.

In addition to introducing up and coming artisians to the entertainment industry and general public, Karen Wood, Founder and President of Backstage Creations, always ensures a charitable concern is represented at the incomparable talent retreats she creates. Teens 4 A Cure was an ideal match with the Teen Choice Awards.

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