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Talib Kareem - Addlib Studios

The Add Lib Recording Studio is a hard disk recording facility located in Willingboro, NJ. Our services also range from pre-production MIDI sequencing to post-production mastering to CD. What makes us different from the competition is that we offer such professional services at reasonable prices.

The company was founded by Talib Kareem. He began building his home project studio in 1998 and decided to start a production company. He later expanded his studio. After years of experience in producing and recording/mix engineering, he wanted to offer production and recording services to local and professional recording artists.

Talib produced a song on the Osmosis Jones soundtrack entitled "Solo Star" along with Kandi Burruss and Beyonce Knowles. He also produced a new version of the same song that will be released on Solange's upcoming debut album entitled "Solo Star". The track was composed, sequenced, and multi-tracked to hard disk on Cubase VST32 and Nuendo. Talib will be working on some projects for major recording artist in the near future. He has the same professional tools (if not more) than most bigger studios. With today's computer technology, hard disk recording is becoming more popular and efficient.

Need music? Talib also is an upcoming producer with credits on albums and movie soundtracks such as Osmosis Jones. His styles are R&B, Neo soul, Pop, and Hip Hop. He will produce the instrumental track. We also have lyricisits if needed.

We are capable of recording up to 96 tracks (8 tracks simutaneously) of 24 bit/96 Khz digital audio on fast SCSI hard drives. Our primary recording software is Cubase SX. Check out the equipment page for more information. Includes recording engineer. Combine music production with digital recording and recieve a special rate.

Talib has also put time into mastering the art of...mastering. Mastering is the final process before burning a mix to CD. It involves EQ, stero expanding, dynamics (compression, limiting), and basically getting the mix to sound as loud and punchy as possible without distortion. Includes mix / mastering engineer.

For more information about recording with Talib please visit his website at: