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Max Calo


Karen Ammond
KBC Media Relations
Direct Line: 856-869-9403

Max Calo’ and Humberto Gatica

November 4, 2003 (Los Angeles, Ca,) Max Calo’ may be the “New Kid” on the block, or should he be called the “First Kid” on the block to bring Spanish R&B music to a level that it so fresh he is being hailed as the “Pioneer”. By recently aligning himself with Crossworlds Entertainment International (CEI) Artist Managers Jay & Lisa Jaworski from Los Angeles, the gears began to turn to elevate him to the next level. CEI believes artists like Max are very rare and once the world music community recognizes his Latin/Spanish “Superstar” appeal, "The Skies the Limit." Being exactly what the Spanish/Latin music community wants in today’s market, Max is going to make a substantial impact on the future.

Surrounding Max a world-class development team was immediately assembled. The team formed united top managers, producers, artistic directors, fashion stylists, photographers as well as top public relation firms and leading entertainment attorneys. It was not long before Max’s musical artistry caught the attention of Grammy Award winning producer Humberto Gatica. Mr. Gatica’s successes include Grammy Award Winner Olga Tanon, Alajandro Sanz, Celine Dion, David Foster, Luis Miguel, La Rey and Julio Iglesias. Recently, Mr. Gatica received Latin Music Awards for his work and is considered one of the industries leading producers. Focusing his magic, Mr. Gatica is developing this electrifying new Spanish R&B sensation for launch to the top of the charts.

Max’s world-class team includes:

Business Manager: Jay Jaworski (Crossworlds Entertainment International)
Personal Manager: Lisa Jaworski (Crossworlds Entertainment International)
Producer: Humberto Gatica
Legal Counsel: Steven Beer
Media/Public Relations: Karen Ammond – KBC Media Relations
Artistic Director Valerio Ventura, Yorick Films

Max currently enjoys world-class popularity with his Latin debut release “Si o No” in Italy and Europe. His debut release topped the charts making Max one of the only artists to break the sound barrier in the new Italian R&B market. After his Latin MTV music video release, he toured extensively throughout Europe. Recently he traveled to the US to seek the top producers, managers and players in the Spanish R& B music industry and hit his mark. Industry reviews of Max's project is being quoted simply as "Remarkable"

It was only a matter of time before many top popular international recording artists recognized Max for his songwriting, arranging, producing and composing talent. Finding time to compose solid gold hit material for Youssou N Dour and worked with Lionel Richie and Julio Iglesias. He currently is collaborating on his current project with Argentina's superstar Claudia Brandt and Alajandro Lerner. Never loosing his focus, Max maintained his efforts into forging his new style by blending his signature R&B style with the new emerging Spanish/Latin music explosion. His portfolio has opened the doors and ears of the industry with great anticipation.

Max’s new and long awaited CD release will be the talk of the world Spanish music community and most likely more Latin Music Awards for Producer Humberto Gatica. Max's U.S. and world debut CD album should be released in 2004 with a high-energy tour to follow throughout the U.S. and abroad. Be there when it happens. For more information contact Crossworlds Entertainment International at: (661) 904-3375

MAX CALO’ is here. Viva Max


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