We Wanna Be Your Spokesguys

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Lootz is the brainchild of 4 college age entrepreneurs. Chris Barrett, Luke McCabe, Emily Woodland and Alec Day. Our goal is to have over 100,000 teenagers and college students join Lootz. As we obtain a major following we are launching ourselves to national companies who want us to test their new products and services! In other words… we get FREE STUFF!

As a company is launching a new magazine, a new product or a new service, they want to test market to our membership! But more than that, we offer our input to companies around the world. We are in one of the most important demographics and our opinions and suggestions can make or break a new product line or service.
If a sneaker company wants to test market a new brand, Lootz is the test group... free sneakers!! If a food company has a new food product, Lootz gets free samples for you to test and review... free food!! When a band is launching a new CD, Lootz gets you a demo and you give feedback to the record company... free music!! We will have the posters of the new stars on our walls before they become stars. We are setting the trends around the world…Help us set the trends for 2003 and years to come!!!


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