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How you can strive for Chris and Luke's achievements

The American duo, Chris Barrett and Luke McCabe, took America by storm after they become the first 'Corporately Sponsored College Students in America'. Together, they gained more than $12million and 80 million media impressions in just two days.

Chris helps people take control of their life his book Direct Your Own Life: How to be a Star in Any Field you Choose. It is a positive book, full of advice and help for any one struggling within their job or needs a change of career. But most famously, both men appeared in the award winning documentary film The Corporation. But what other approaches are there to achieving the job of your dreams and striking what you do?

Maybe you want to start your own business because you like to take control of your work load and the 9 to 5 ritual is a bore. Setting up your own company or small business, allows you to choose the rules and be flexible with timings, but is can be hard work to begin with. Some people decide that now is the time to do something they love and are passionate about, so they turn to their hobbies. This could be anything, from wanting to set up a useful forum for, or sell your photography, jewelery or art. Photography and art tend to be quite popular home run business'.

To begin an art or photography business, you might want to try getting your name out there to start off with. Try entering some local competitions or gaining some coverage from your local newspaper. Local cafes sometimes welcome art on their walls, so you could also try to sell a few here. If your work becomes popular, you might be able to get a regular space. Alternatively, setting up your own website could help promote your business. ?